How to Move to the USA from Canada in 2021?

Is Immigration to the US from Canada difficult?

USA has done nothing to stop Canadians from migrating to the US, even during the times of the pandemic. The shift is possible now, and frankly, it is as convenient as this is going to get. The USA has partially suspended certain visas for 60 days in order to keep foreigners from gettings jobs of the locals in the era of the coronavirus pandemic by the then President – Donald Trump. The majority of the same are open for business, and the rumours that the USA immigration has closed are not true.

Should you wait for a while before making the decision to migrate to the US? 

There are a number of reasons where migrating now might be a better move to make than waiting to see if things settle down in the future. Because no matter how you look at it, the situation is only going to get worse for wear.

  • Who wins the election? 

No matter who wins the election, it is safe to say that the effect on immigration is not going to be positive. If Donald Trump wins the election, then he will stick to his stance of making immigration tougher to the USA as he wants to keep more provision of jobs for the locals as opposed to outsourcing it to foreigners. On the other hand, if Biden wins the elections, then he will try to make it convenient for people to move to the USA. If he does that, the USA will have a larger number of applications for immigration and rescue your chances at worst. At very best, the duration for approval would increase considerably. As stated above, neither of these scenarios bode well for those who want to migrate to the USA.

  • How will the pandemic turn out? 

The longer the pandemic goes on, the more will we face scarcity of jobs, and the more likely the immigration procedures will become stricter to prevent immigration unless aboslutely necessary. Ideally, you have to fulfil any procedures now, so that you are good to go as soon as the lockdown restrictions lift to allow immigration. Many predict that there will be another wave of covid-19, and it is important to make major life decisions like immigration before the onset of the second wave.

How do you go about moving from Canada to the US? 

There might be different reasons that you want to shift your base. It can be a new job, new scenery, or just a simple will to relocate.

  • Job 

If you are interested to move to the USA from Canada for the sake of a job, you will need to obtain an employment based green card. You will be considered and treated like a permanent resident due to the status of your being an employee in Canada. Your employer must fulfil all your necessities when you agree to shift base for the sake of a job. There are a few categories and your job must fall into one of these if you wish to go for a permanent resident status.

  • Eb1 

This is a category for those who have high qualifications or degrees in business, science, art, athletics, or PhD holders.

  • Eb2

This is a category designed for those who are proficient in the business, arts or science fields.

  • Eb3

This is a category for those with a bachelors or graduate degree.

The North American Free Trade Agreement states that those who are citizens of Canada or Mexico with a job offer in the USA, are eligible for a temporary work visa. The aim is to process the work visa quickly and with lesser formalities so as to get it done to provide ease to the consumers, provided the job offer is provided from a list of offers that are taken into consideration by the NAFTA.

What are the documents you will need for a temporary work visa? 

  • Showing documentation to confirm your citizenship status

A birth certificate or passport will help to convey this convincingly as well as accurately. You will also need to ensure that the business activity falls under Chapter 15 schedule 2 of the NAFTA, which cites conditions for temporary employment. Copies of your relevant degrees and qualifications are also going to be needed.

  • Marriage 

If you get married and want to move to the US, (which is becoming more and more common today), this is possible using a k1 fiancee visa. You can also apply for immigration through a spousal sponsorship. You need to be sure you have appropriate documentation and fulfil the requirements necesary for a smooth immigration.

  • You have to have a relative sponsor you, and they should be able to prove their American status.
  • Sponsor must show proof of relation if a family relationship exists

What must you think of before considering migrating to the USA? 

  • Departure tax 

You need to be able to pay the departure tax, which is compulsory for any canadian migrating to the USA.

  • Finding a place to live 

Before you migrate, consider finding a place to live, because finding something that suits your style in your budget can be a taxing activity. Also figuring out whether you want to buy or rent a house can be an exhausting activity.


Migrating to another country is an important decision to make, as you need to take care that you are making a decision which not only affects you but also your family. If you have children, then enrolling them in a good school of your choice, as well as being able to afford a good residential home for your family becomes your prerogative. While the process of immigration may be easier now because of the times we are facing, the effects of the immigration on the immigrants can be pretty daunting and taxing unless you choose to be preplanned. It is not an easy decision to make, and you need to weigh the pros and cons in a neutral frame of mind before choosing to do it.


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