How to Move to Canada From Australia ?

Every year many applicants apply for work permits and jobs in Canada. These applicants are in sincere need of good and secure employment, which Canada ensures to provide every immigrant. Canada offers a variety of job openings. These immigrants travel from their native country to a foreign country in search of work and better financial earnings. Many of them even plan permanently to settle in Canada. Many of these applicants are from Australia. As Australian applicants are most of the potential applicants for Canadain jobs. financial

In recent times, Canada has received many job seekers from different parts of the world. Many countries have started to search for ways to travel and find a well-settled job in Canada. Among these countries comes to Australia. Australia itself is a rich resource country but in recent times has faced economic down growth. Due to which they have started planning to shift Canada.

In Canada, Australian immigrants are treated with regard and respect, just like any other country would receive. Australian immigrant workers in Canada seem to be very sincere and hardworking. Some of these immigrants stay for a certain period, whereas many plans to permanently move to Canada. For these immigrants, Canada has made various programmes and ways to come and reside permanently in Canada.

Can Australian immigrants stay in Canada?

The common language and culture that these two countries share between one another make it easier for Australian immigrants to settle in Canada. An Australian immigrant can only stay in Canada for a six-months time as a temporary stay. As after that he/she will have to apply for the visa. This visa may vary according to the reasons and requirement to stay. The immigrant will have to apply for a student’s visa if he/she is a student.. Whereas, if the immigrant plans to stay for the job, they will have to apply for a work visa accordingly.

Ways to move from Australia to Canada? 

As in recent time, many Australians wish to shift to Canada permanently and to become a permanent citizen of the country. This is due to many different purposes such as a job, or a better living style, and good culture. For which they keep on searching about the travel options and guide.

Recently, many options have been opened by Canada to grant it’s immigrants citizenship. Canada always eagerly welcomes any immigrant and ensures them a better living and work life. An immigrant is eligible to be a citizen of the country if they apply as a worker, or have relatives or other family members who already reside in the country. They can also enter through various programmes organized by Canada such as Express Entry or Federal Skilled Trades Programme. They can apply under these and can easily move to the country.

Due to the friendly connection between the two countries, Austrian Immigrants have been spotted moving freely within Canada. The comparatively easily gets a job in the country. They easily get in with the crowd, as the crowd is familiar to them. Many of these immigrants apply for a visa in advance, while they are still in their native country.

Working Holiday Visa

An immigrant can also apply through a working holiday visa, which is also called an Openwork visa. For it gives an immigrant a free opportunity to work in any occupation within the country, for a certain amount of period.

Eligibility to acquire a citizenship

Any immigrant who wishes to move to Canada permanently must be thoroughly familiar with the basic eligibility criteria that are followed universally by all the countries and so is followed by Canada as well.

To be eligible to acquire citizenship in Canada the basic eligibility criteria include any immigrant who has lived in Canada for three years out of five, has language skills, has passed a citizen test, and is a permanent resident.

What all an Australian immigrant needs to know about Canada before moving in?

Canada and Australia share a common culture and common language. They are on friendly terms with one another. Australian immigrants can be easily found in Canada. They are spread throughout the whole country. Any Australian who plans to move from Australia to Canada permanently Must know about the country they are to shift.

Where these two countries have things in common they two face some differences. As if we talk about the climate, these two countries have the opposite climate from one another. When it is sunny in Australia, it is cold in Canada.

An Australian immigrant must also know about the cost they will have to face while settling within the country, which is, fortunately, cheaper in comparison to Australia itself.


In this modern time the world has become very free at a global stage. Where people are traveling in search of greater and bigger opportunities and job vacancies, where traveling and moving from one country to another country have become much easier and friendly. Any immigrant who is in search of moving from Australia to Canada must have all the required knowledge for the same. They must never hurry or decide halfway. They should be prepared with the required documents and details for the shift. Pre-planning and being well organized makes a person easy to move.


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